Universal Face Cream

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A universal cream designed for your face. Morning or night, it is up to you. No coconut or shea butter. This cream is made with exquisite, light, high absorbtion oils rich in enzymes and nutrients. Some customers with eczema reported positive results with this cream, but remember this was designed primarily as a face cream. After you take your shower or wash your face, when skin is receptive, apply on your face, chest and neck. Enjoy! Use it alone without combining with other creams for two weeks to see results.

Ingredients: Babassu oil, apricot kernel oil, local beeswax, sacha inchi oil, hemp seed oil, aleo gel, carmella oil, Argan oil, green coffee oil, vitamin E, perila oil, Tamanu oil, local honey and lavender essential oil

Small batch made in Mississauga.