Essential Oil Refill
Essential Oil Refill
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Essential Oil Refill

Regular price $0.01 $0.00 Unit price per

Refill your essential oil jars without having to purchase packaging time and time again. 

Please leave a clean jar out on delivery day. We will invoice you after the refill has been completed.

Cost per gram:

Bergamot - $0.23/gram
Cinnamon Leaf - $0.15/gram
Cinnamon Bark - $2.15/gram
Clove - $0.21/gram
Eucalyptus - $0.26/gram
Geranium Organic - $0.73/gram
Lavender - $0.35/gram
Lemon - $0.15/gram
Lemongrass - $0.17/gram
Lime - $0.20/gram
Orange - $0.20/gram
Peppermint - $0.30/gram
Rosemary - $0.26/gram
Spearmint - $0.15/gram
Tea Tree - $0.21/gram