Our Story

The inspiration for Refillery Market came while on maternity leave with my second son. For the last few years I had ensured that the home cleaning and personal care products used in our homes and on our families were safe, gentle, effective and also eco-friendly. Like all parents, I wanted to provide a healthy and safe environment for our children to flourish. Over time, I grew increasingly frustrated by the amount of waste those products produced when purchasing month after month. The drive to create a solution grew after watching the CBC documentary 'Plastic Waste: The Supermarket Challenge.' A spark was lit, an idea was formed and Refillery Market was born.



I always considered myself an environmentally-conscious person. I was raised to reuse my sandwich bags, bring home my saran wrap from school lunches and recycle everything. My world was rocked when I watched a CBC Marketplace episode on plastic waste in the grocery industry. I always saw the plastic covering my produce, but because I knew I was going to place that plastic in the blue bin, I assumed I was doing the right thing. Until recently, I had no idea that I was part of the problem. Since that episode aired in January 2019 I have made several significant switches in our household to make us a low waste family. We are far from perfect and still learning every day, but I believe that every small change helps. Now that my eyes have been opened, the sky is the limit.


Our Team & Advisors

Brian Waldron - Providing administrative and general business support while helping out at markets. Also known as my Dad! 

Matt Hicks - My husband, number one fan, my support and the master entertainer of our kids. Without you, this would not be possible. 

Erin Pepler - Copywriter, brand consultant, friend, and Refillery Market’s personal cheerleader.

Shannon Lee Simmons — Founder of New School of Finance and a longtime friend.  Shannon helped us realize that the intimidating world of opening a business isn’t so bad.