Refillery Delivery

Home Delivery:

All items online are eligible for home delivery.  Your liquids will be delivered in a  clean mason jar from Refillery Market. Jars come in three sizes: small (236 ml),   medium (473 ml) and large (945ml/1Litre).  Each mason jar is sold with a $2 deposit fee.  When you are ready to return your jars, simply place them on your front step in the morning on delivery day, we will swap them with full ones and refund your account for the returns. Bringing back the milk man method.

If you would rather refill your own jars, please complete the Refill Request Form on our home page.

Here's how it works:

  • You choose the type of bottle you need:                        
    • Pre-filled is a ready-to-use Boston round jar with a pump or sprayer. This option is best if you have NOT bought from us before and need a working vessel for your soap or other products, or if you need additional pump/spray bottles for your home.
    • Or, buy a mason jar full of product (no pump) if you already own a sprayer or pump bottle. You can refill your existing pump bottle with a small jar of product (236 ml), medium jar (473 ml) or large jar (945 ml).
    • Your order will be delivered to your doorstep on the next delivery day.

 All deliveries are free on orders over $25 in the Halton region. 

Delivery Zone 

Delivery Days

Order Deadline 

Delivery Fee

Burlington, Mississauga & Oakville

Tuesday &
by 5pm

By 8pm
Day Prior

Free Delivery
over $25

Hamilton and surrounding area

by 5pm

By 8pm
Day Prior

Free Delivery
over $25

Orders under $25 pre tax are subject to delivery fee of $5.

How Refillery Market Works in a Market Setting:

Refillery Market is a pop-up retail concept that provides savvy consumers with the opportunity to purchase home goods and personal care products without the use of single-use plastic bottles or packaging. 

Bulk items are sold by weight. Reusable glass jars are available for purchase at our booth, or shoppers can bring a reusable container from home.  Before filling up your jar or other vessel, it is weighed (the cool kids call this tare weight) and the weight is recorded. You can then fill these containers with all of your product needs.  Filled jars are weighed again and you pay only for the cost of the products. This is not just eco-friendly - it eliminates the cost of packaging completely.

All products sold at Refillery Market are natural, eco-friendly and Canadian-sourced.