Bees Wax Wraps
Bees Wax Wraps
Mind Your Bees

Bees Wax Wraps

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Who needs plastic wrap that suffocates your food when you can use a zero waste alternative. These beeswax food wraps are beautifully handmade, easy to use and most importantly reduce food and plastic waste. You will notice a big difference in how long food keeps when stored in Mind Your Bees wraps. 

  • Protects food and allows it to breath
  • Chemical Free
  • Reusable
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Reusable up to a year (approx. 150 washes), at which point they are 100% recyclable and can even be used as a natural fire starter

Wash in cool water, natural dish soap as needed, air dry on dish rack, store with your dish towels until ready to use again.

Ingredients: Cotton, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine resin, coconut wax

Small set includes 3 wraps: 1 small (8”x8”), 1 medium (10”x10”), 1 large (13”x14”)

Large set includes 5 wraps: 2 small (8”x8”), 2 medium (10”x10”), 1 large (13”x14”)

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