Bath Bombs

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Julianna's bath bombs are handmade with care in small batches using skin-softening ingredients that relax sore muscles while soaking away your stress and tension. Small batch made in Waterloo.  Each one is individually wrapped in a reusable muslin bag. 

Eucalyptus & Mint is ideal for those looking to reset, soothe, and uplift your spirit and mind. It's the perfect blend to reset and prepare for your upcoming projects. Eucalyptus clears the mind and the blended mint is a gentle energizer and awakening agent. It's both cool and stimulating, a self-care and spa day necessity. Eucalyptus Mint is a refreshing balance of fresh eucalyptus with leafy sweet spearmint.

Lavender Fields scent relaxes, comforts, and soothes your soul to help you rest and relax. Lavender is known for its relaxing effects and can help reduce stress and anxiety. This fragrance helps you release your stress, fall asleep at night, and return to a regulated state of mind. Lavender Fields features top notes of blooming lavender gardens from the French country side and is completed with notes of florals, rose, gardenia, and jasmine.

Orange & Ginger Boost your energy with this energizing, citrusy orange fragrance. Experience a hit of invigorating ginger when you need to push procrastination and sleepiness to the side. This vibrant combination of orange and ginger is motivating and will stimulate your senses! Orange + Ginger has top notes of orange peel and citrus balanced with freshly crushed ginger, oakmoss and neroli.

Patchouli & Copal A calming, comforting fragrant scent that promotes a sense of calm and self-reflection. This blend was created to restore balance and harmony - perfect for quiet reflection to take you to a place of inner peace. Patchouli + Copal is the ideal fragrance for yoga, meditating, or the spa. It's a unique blend of rich, grounding fragrances that will create a calm, reflective atmosphere - the word namaste captured in a fragrance. Forget the typical overpowering patchouli scented fragrances - this blend is a clean, woodsy, slightly sweet combination of Patchouli, Indonesian White Copal, and Frankincense with bottom notes of lavender.

Use caution when getting out of the tub after using this product. Moisturizing oils released from this product may make the tub slippery.