Rose Chamomile Facial Toner
Rose Chamomile Facial Toner
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Rose Chamomile Facial Toner

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This gentle rose chamomile facial tonic water is a must step for after cleansing and before moisturizing your facial skin.

Key Features:

  • Rose and chamomile are both very calming and therapeutic for the skin.
  • Can be used both day and night, whenever you need a fresh pick-me-up during the day or a touch of moisture.
  • Can be worn under and above make-up or anytime you need a refresher.  
  • Great for all skin types.  Especially for delicate, sensitive skin that irritates easily. It is very calming with the chamomile floral water therefore makes a great way to feel zen before bedtime.  
  • Spritz your face with eyes closed after cleansing. Allow to dry on clean skin, no need to wipe off. Can also be used on top of makeup throughout the day for a refresher and to give a dewy glow.

**If you select refill your own jar, please leave a clean jar out on delivery day. We will invoice you after the refill has been completed. Cost is $19 per 60 ml**

Ingredients: rose floral water, chamomile floral water, vegetable glycerin, rose geranium essential oil.